CSPM Engineering has always been a company in constant evolution.

We decided to take it a step further, redefining our brand and our identity, but remaining faithful to the values that always distinguished us.

We are the engineering company that allows companies that want to grow and innovate to make a qualitative leap. Now this commitment has become even stronger.

CSPM as Customer Success Project Management

The main purpose of our organization is and always will be: the success of our customers.

This is the reason why the acronym CSPM stands for Customer Success Project Management.

We inject into the business realities of our customers new methodologies, new ways of managing processes and top level technical and engineering skills.

The change we bring is lasting, with a constant and persistent growth over time.

We want to help companies implement innovation, developing a coherent and self-generating system that can last over the years.

The O.R.B.I.T.A. Method

Inspired by the order of the universe, CSPM Engineering has implemented the O.R.B.I.T.A. Method, a process based on the efficiency of skills and people.

It is an endless and reiterative process that leads to constant improvement and includes the following stages.

ORGANISE: At the base of everything there is the organization. The Project is analyzed and its parts laid down.

RATE: Each piece that makes up the Project is evaluated, the critical issues are brought to light and priorities are assigned.

BREAK UP: All the activities are defined and then divided into phases and eventually assigned to the right person.

IMPLEMENT: Different teams are created depending on the design phase and depending on the customer. All tasks are implemented.

TEST: Trend and performance are verified.

AGAIN: Based on the results, the process starts again.

Our focus and goals

The main objectives of CSPM Engineering, confirmed every day by the work and commitment of each individual associate, are the following:

  1. Bringing order – an order inspired by the beauty of the universal order that creates the right environment for innovation, performance and growth.
  2. Saving and efficiency – everything in the universe has its purpose and its place. In the same way a well-managed project has no waste, everything flows harmoniously.
  3. The right combination of the elements – working in different sectors confers us a wealth of knowledge that creates a positive contamination, helping us to find the best possible combination.
  4. Innovation and constant improvement – we never stop at the first and simplest solution: we experiment and test continuously, studying the technical details that can make the difference and bring a gain in quality and efficiency to the structures we design.
  5. Predictability – mainly thanks to the guarantees we offer, everything will go as we anticipated.
  6. The right environment – we create the conditions to work in synergy. We do not compete, nor in opposition to the customer. We know how to team up to win together.

Our Values

The values of CSPM Engineering are at the heart of our identity, it is what differentiates us from competitors and gives meaning to every single activity carried out.

  • Efficiency: this is our constant goal, because CSPM believes in continuous improvement, with positive effects on our performance and those of our customers.
  • Expertise: we have brought to excellence companies in different sectors. Our strength is exactly the contamination of the skills of different areas that, interacting, lead to new and innovative solutions.
  • Continuity: we have an organization that allows us to face any inconvenience, brilliantly overcoming the normal unforeseen events of life.
  • Reliability: we are transparent with our customers. What we say is what we do. We always keep our word and if something cannot be done, we tell you NO.
  • Partnership: we are not a commodity, we are partners with whom to grow. We do not solve emergencies, we care about our customers’ growth, taking them to a higher level.
  • Guarantees: we guarantee our work and protect our customers. We are the only company in our industry that has insured its design work.

With a renewed brand and identity and a focus increasingly centered on people and customers, CSPM Engineering wants to project itself into the future and be the driving force of change.

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