The new CSPM Engineering website is online!

We are pleased to announce that the new version of the CSPM Engineering website is online!

The new logo and the new brand, as you can see from the coordinated graphics, are inspired by the order and harmony of the universe.

As a solar system has its star at its center and revolves around it, so CSPM operates in synergy, moving from one sector to another, always keeping the focus on people and customers.

We are proud of the talents who work in CSPM Engineering, so we decided to enhance them even more in the new website, showing their faces also on the homepage.

In a dedicated section, “Life at CSPM”, you will find their testimonies and their stories of corporate life.

We care a lot about this space, because the strength of CSPM is in its very team, made up of motivated people, who are not afraid to collaborate, get involved and move from one sector to another.

Despite the pandemic, we are growing fast, so the “Career” page with job offers has been redesigned to help us intercept new professionals and new skills.

On the “Services” page you will find a detailed explanation of the design services, FEM structural analysis and technical documentation, together with an overview of the hardware and software technologies we use on a daily basis.

Finally, in the “News” section you will find updates on CSPM news, in-depth articles, company stories, new job offers and much more.